I had heard so much about Moving Man and Van removal services. The name of this removals company was virtually a household name, so when my mum was planning to move .I thought I should try out the services of moving man and van.
I was so much impressed with their speed of work and the efficiency at which their services are offered. They arrived on time for the removals and they did everything within the schedule. Moving Man and Van gave me the exact services I was hoping for .In short they exceeded my high expectations
I dint know the best way to share my experience with moving man and van  and probably my words are short of giving the exact feeling I have for their exceptional service .but certainly if you really need a company you can trust , Moving Man and Van is my first  recommendation
Banstead, London

I had just married Creg and we had decided to live in South Norwood together. Creg is a physician he hardly has any time to arrange or organize for removals. That meant I was the one left with the duty of arranging for the perfect removals. We had a lot of household items most of them were gifts from our wedding.
The first place I went looking for a removals company was online; I searched for hours until I came across a few testimonials on this site and after reading the detailed services provided I fell in love with Moving Man and Van. The next day I informed my husband and he gave me a go ahead. Moving Man and Van staff arrived at our compound and did their job extremely well.
They did all the packing and loading; they also helped me in unpacking and asked me if they could assist in arranging my items
I was so thrilled with their services and since then I have become their loyal customer.
Alice brown
South Norwood, London

A friend of mine called me and asked if I could help her with her removals requirements. She was so worried and stressed, she dint know where to start or stop .I personally dint have an experience with any company since most of our removals used to be arranged by my husband.
I told Margret that I cloud not help her to find a trusted company until I talk to my husband. Margret was patient; she gave me until next morning to tell her about my husband’s suggestions.
My husband mentioned a lot of removals companies but the way he was describing and talking about Moving Man and Van, it was clear that this particular removal company was special to him
Next morning I told Margret about moving man and van and she made a quote to the company dint hear anything from her for about 4 days but when she called, she was so happy and joyful. She gave me an account by account experience of everything that transpired throughout the entire removals. I was so happy for her. She thanked my husband so much.
Margret has become one of the most loyal customers of Moving Man and Van.

On May 2011, our company had just acquired a new building. I was put in charge of handling the entire relocation process.  I formed a team of staff members to deliberate how fast the relocation should be done. But the most important item on the agenda was how efficient the process was to be conducted
Then to my surprise and the surprise of so many of my colleagues, Benjamin mentioned a name of a company we dint have much knowledge about. Throughout our deliberation most members of my team expressed fear that this particular company may not be able to give us the efficiency we needed. I consulted with my business partners throughout London and they gave me100% assurance that Moving Man and Van was the best removals company
I dint hesitate I used the powers given to me to make a quick quote and within hours we were already in Belmont